DIY Craft | Bubly & Tostitos

Summer is about fun and spending time with friends and loved ones on those lazy warm afternoons. And what better way to do it than to enjoy your favorite snack while being creative and fun doing a DIY project. Bet you did not know you could be creative with some of your favorite summer snacks?  Well, you can and it’s super easy!    

So, gather your close friends or family, grab those Tostitos, chill those cans of bubly and look online for some imaginative upcycle projects with your snack bags; you will find everything from kites and wallets to pencil bags and all kinds of fun things in between for you and your gang to make. 

And remember, you will not only have fun creating them but in the end, you will also have a cool piece that contributed to the planet’s well being. And to take all your DIY projects to the next level, head to our homepage to enter for a chance to win an awesome Cricut! So, what are you waiting for? Pop open the cans of bubly, bring out the Tostitos and imagine away!  

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