Family Film Night | Pepsi & Cheetos:

This summer take the fun outside because today it’s easier than ever to enjoy your favorite flick on the go. So, pick a place, any place, the attic, the park or your backyard and have some fun planning and having an all out movie night. And if you want to turn movie night into a fun afternoon of making and learning, we have the thing for you! How about making your very own smart Phone projector and taking your movie game to the next level? Check out the link for some helpful tutorials:

To help you get you started here is a list* of movies that are fun and entertaining for almost everyone.

  • The Lion King (1994)​
  • Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone (2001)​
  • Star Wars (1977)​
  • The Parent Trap (1998)​
  • Mary Poppins (1964)​
  • Home Alone (1990)​
  • Frozen (2013)​
  • Finding Nemo (2003)​
  • ​The Baby-sitters Club (1995)​
  • Ratatouille (2007)​
  • Inside Out (2015)​
  • The Wizard of Oz (1939)​
  • The Sound of Music (1965)​
  • Despicable Me (2010)​
  • Toy Story (1995)​

So, chill the Pepsi, bring out the Cheetos, head to our homepage and enter for a chance to win some cool stuff for your movie night like outdoor blankets, coolers and even a brand new outdoor projector! 

Sit back, the show is about to start!

*Source: Time Out

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