One of the best ways to experience summer? Camping. What makes it so great? It can be done almost anywhere. Grab the Doritos®, grab some Mountain Dew®, grab a tent, and you're ready to go.

And if you're wondering if we have any tips for camping newbies? Absolutely! Here are some essential tips for your new outdoor adventures:


Bring enough Doritos® and Mountain Dew®. Don't want to run out of snacks and drinks in the wilderness.


Consider your location. Plan your first outings near home in case the weather turns against you.


Start small. Keep your first camping outings to a night or 2.


Check the weather starting at least a week before your trip. Always pack one clothing option for cold and rain, no matter what the forecast says. (You will thank us.)


Do a practice run of setting up and packing your tent. It will save you time and lots of trouble.


Plan your trip so you get to your camping site during daylight and set up your tent and your sleeping quarters as soon as you get there; you don't want to do that at night. That way you can spend the evening enjoying your favorite snacks and the great outdoors.

To make sure your camp site has the right vibes, click the Spotify logo to listen to special Let's Summer™ playlists created especially for you.

Oh, and feel free to tag us on social media if you upload pics of your adventure, so we could see if our list helped!

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